business scope covers the development and implementation of the following:

Virtual Integrated Management System


ViMS is the brainchild of Mrs. Badria Al Mulla and distinguishes IeMQ’s consulting services from our competitors by providing the following functionalities in one application:

Organizational Self Assessment Survey using "EFQM", Customer & Staff satisfaction surveys.
Dashboards to facilitate the interaction between the operations of a business and organization strategic framework
Operational information related to strategic objectives, KPI's, business plans, projects, business processes, and risks
Traffic light systems based on the actual performance against strategic objectives and business targets in the company, which enables management to assess how well they are achieving their strategy, and what risks are threatening this achievement
Project (initiatives) management system to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, communicate & close projects as per baselines.
Identification and allocation of corrective/preventive actions and business initiatives
Reporting system that management can use to make timely and sound decisions

ViMS users, including employees and managers at different levels of the organizational hierarchy, have identified the following ViMS benefits:
Communicate the strategic and operational plans to all stakeholders. Managers are using it in their weekly and monthly meetings to share strategic changes, feedback and progress with their employees.
Monitor, evaluate, improve, and manage organizational performance. The reports generated in ViMS give them a historical overview and progress of their objectives and allow them to use this trend in making changes as necessary to bring performance back on track, forecasting future performance and setting plans accordingly.
Automate data collection and reporting. The team used to spend significant amount of time and efforts gathering and tabulating data manually, which compromises the data's integrity especially if done under pressure and a restricted timeframe. ViMS has allowed the Planning & Support team to focus their time and efforts on more productive, innovative and effective processes and initiatives, hence contributing in raising employee morale and competencies.
Access corporate performance at all times. Reporting data was only accessible at specific reporting periods and management could not check or assess the health of the organization in between periods. ViMS has filled this gap and provided management with confidence in the execution of their plans.
Integrate reporting information from different key business areas. IeMQ consultants helped ADCO establish the link between organizational and operational objectives, which was missing. This link has helped employees at all levels of the organization understand how their business unit and personal responsibilities directly contribute to the achievement of ADCO's mission and vision.
Use a web-based, simple, and user friendly system
Increase data integrity. Because ViMS is linked directly to data sources, being a database or a spreadsheet, human interventions and chances for introducing data manipulation errors are minimized.
Link individual performance and employee career development plans to the organization's objectives. ViMS hosts a wide range of strategic information including business plans and activities, projects, risk management plans, and processes. Managers are using ViMS to assign responsibilities for each initiative to their employees, formulating as an outcome the list of activities that make up the employee's annual performance plan. They also use it to draw inspirational career development and training requirements for their employees.

Quality and Change Management


Quality performance can be achieved only by getting the right people treating the right challenge from the right perspective.

To achieve customer satisfaction, it is essential to understand the culture, needs & expectations and ensure efficient communication throughout the project.

Results will be perceived as Quality Results only if they are in accordance with agreed and expected outcomes. Good documentation of data and results is crucial.

We will work with you to define the methods, techniques and procedures that will ensure quality is embedded in your daily business processes.

We can assist you in obtaining ISO Certification through our approach of simultaneously preparing the manuals and undertaking the assessment at the same time. Our effective method uses powerful and specific IT software to accelerate the implementation process.

We conduct and facilitate the management of change and transformation in the workplace. Our professionals carry out a range of activities to achieve change and transformation goals, based on thorough assessments.

Performance Measurement and Management


Like any business activity, performance has to be managed. We assist clients to develop and implement performance management frameworks to capture and make visible all the required elements for the management of its performance. A key component of any performance management system is the balanced scorecard.

The Balanced Scorecard overcomes key barriers to strategy implementation by:

  • Making the strategy specific and actionable.
  • Engaging everyone in the organization to set targets and resource allocation plans that specifically relate to the strategy.
  • Providing strategic feedback and learning.

The Balanced Scorecard views performance through a set of measures that indicate performance in four areas: Financial, Stakeholder, Internal Business Process, and Learning and Growth. A key benefit of the Balanced Scorecard is that it reveals a much broader view of an organization than financial measures alone.

We also devise and implement mechanisms, such as regular review meetings and action point reports to manage the performance system as this is key to ensuring that the strategy is actually achieved. We assist clients to implement Regular Balanced Scorecard Review Meetings, to ensure that targets are achieved, and Balanced Scorecard Action Point Reports, to communicate progress and to engage the organization in learning about progress on a Balanced Scorecard.

Continuous improvement is important as it optimizes business processes and work activities, and reduces costs. We assist clients to develop stretch targets to encourage staff at all levels to develop improved ways of conducting business, to agree and implement their ideas, and then measure and report the results.

Project Management

  • Program and project management services conducted by accredited project management professionals
  • Project consulting
  • Project management offices
  • Program and project audits
  • Project evaluations
  • Project process facilitation

Business Conferences and Seminars


We participate and/or arrange focused events in technical as well as management fields through conferences and seminars.

Competency & Knowledge Management Systems


Applying an integrated tool to manage and track staff performance is the key to any successful organization. Gone are the days of manual performance reviews and appraisals. Through the process of competency mapping we can assist you in effective recruitment to attract high potential new staff. The process will also help in the development of existing staff to achieve highest competency levels.

When applied to experienced staff, competency mapping is used to identify competency gaps and define custom training programs per individual to eliminate any deficiencies. The effective use of competency mapping enables your organization to develop and design internal control processes that will ensure employees have the required skills, knowledge and experience to perform their duties competently in their particular work environment.

Key components of a Competency Management Approach include:

  • Competence Profiling
  • Constructing Standards
  • Assessment Services
  • Human Resource Linkages

Risk Management


Risk is an omnipresent phenomenon, a day to day parameter in any human activity, and organizational success depends to a large degree on enabling management to effectively deal with uncertainty and risk, on corporate, operational and project levels.

Whether it is tracking the ability to meet your business objectives, reviewing your risk exposure, selecting your mitigation strategies, delegating actions or evaluating controls we can assist you in developing the required solution to meet your enterprise risk management needs.

We assist clients to set up consistent risk management processes on all corporate user levels and develop an effective risk management collaborative framework to handle uncertainty and risk. This is achieved through the implementation of automated risk management software tools.

Organizational Development Including Strategy and Planning


We undertake assignments and interventions to ensure that client organizations are aligned towards the achievement of goals, strategy, mission and vision.

Organizational design solutions assist companies in aligning organization structure with their strategies. Our services include planning for organizational changes with the objective of defining and eliminating the gaps (administrative & technical) between various departments and stakeholders.

Segregation of duties is a key issue when designing or evolving and organization structure. We analyze the core business and support business functions prior to embarking on the organization design mission.

Outsourced Human Resource Management services


Eliminate the burden of managing and catering for the needs of your workforce by “Outsourcing” your HR requirements. Through the value we add to our business partnerships we are positioned to assist you by providing professional human resources. Whether they are destined to fill management or technical positions, we are prepared to match your needs with competent professionals, ready to perform.

Oil and Gas Technical Services / Courses in the following main areas:

  • Reservoir Geology
  • Reservoir Characterization & Modeling
  • Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling
  • Modeling Fractured Reservoirs
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Practical DST Interpretation
  • Well Test Interpretation
  • Advanced PVT and EOS Fluid Characterization
  • Gas Condensate Reservoirs
  • Special Core Analysis
  • Streamline Simulation
  • Advanced Reservoir Simulation
  • Production Logging and Reservoir Monitoring
  • Geoscience
  • Drilling
  • Petrophysics & Production Engineering
  • Competence assessment, development and progression tracking
  • HSE Training courses